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    Colourful anodised aluminium


    Anodising aluminium is highly technical, involving many processes to create a very strong surface luminous in colour and smooth to touch.

    I learn' t these techniques while working on my installation artworks - anodising aluminium Bells for a playground at Melbournes Docklands called Harmony Garden for Melbourne City Council in collaboration with acoustic designer Neil McLachlan.

    The aluminium is treated with an electric current whilst submerged in a caustic water bath to create a honeycomb like structure in the metal. Dye is then applied and afterwards the surface is chemically sealed at a very high temperature so that the pores of the metal close and the pigment becomes part of the metal surface.

    These pieces are made to empower the wearer.

    The industrial modern materials symbolises strength.

    Such luminous colour takes us to a desired future.

    Lichen earrings


  • River stones


    Other earrings from $65-$125

    lichen ear pieces

    with silver hoops


    lichen earrings

    with silver hoops


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